maandag 7 augustus 2017

Aaron Carter - 'I want candy'

Aaron Carter did his coming out as a bisexual.

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No child singer, not even Michael Jackson, nor Shirley Temple, equals Aaron Carter, to these ears, in these eyes, and for this brain. Even spellimg the two a's in his name is exciting while hearing and thinking of him. Even as mis-spelling his name. The song I WANT CANDY is my favorite with him singing it. ["original" is 1965 The STRANGELOVES of BANG RECORDS. BOW WOW WOW in 1980. CANDY GIRLS 1996. Aaron 2000.] PLUS, Aaron Carter is cute, as a boy, as is a DandyLion or as is a SunFlower or as is a Black Eye Suzy. (YES, am a slum city person, so those flowers are "mine".) LOVE HIM. See him on a Disney Show late one night, he singing & he doing his bad dance moves, and fall in love. ⚾️💥🔫 = 😻.