donderdag 14 januari 2021

A. Moonen's Diaries

     A. Moonen, born August 28th, 1937, was a Dutch writer, who lived for a long time from welfare in The Hague and Amsterdam. He openly wrote about his sexual contacts with men, women and boys, often very detailed, so that his audience was not wide. Yet you might call him a writer of literature, because he was poetic and an inventor of new words. He used preferred spelling, which was common since the Sixties.


Moonen was a psychiatric patient, who often stayed in clinics. He could be loud when meeting people, talking about sexual things and thus embarrassing them and the people surrounding them. He wrote an essay about the 'anal variant', which he liked very much (also with his 12-year-old YF), for the well-known student's magazine Propria Cures.


He also wrote several autobiographical books, from 1977 on, in which his first book Stadsgerechten (City dishes) was published, up to 2000. The here posted excerpts from his diaries are from Stadsgerechten and Openbaar leven (Public life). He died in 2007, 69 years old.

A. Moonen's Diaries