donderdag 17 november 2016

Les Poppys - 'Non, non, rien n'a changé' (2016)

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leo parton zei

Complaining about war is as useful as complaining about death. Both are very real. They are such so in all of human experiences as we can know of such. There is also sex, birth, growing up, making a living [toil, work], and living, living day in and still being a being a self as the day outs, rain or shine, and, each of us a mere me creating an us, a making the mere me to a we to an our into a we of an us, a we from our selves, all off from our bloody beginnings. COMPLAIN ! COMPLAIN ! COMPLAIN ! Go on ! And, GO ON ! And, COMPLAIN ! You have the making of your own war. The world is not yours except as you, and only you, do the work to make it as YOU, and YOURS, do so make it. You can not be immune to failure.